Bemiddeling Sheldon

Dear all, I send you same Sheldon pictures and small description.This sweet little dog is Sheldon. He is 7 years old, he has two tender eyes and is always looking for love and attention. Unfortunately we can no longer keep him with us due to an imminent moving, and we want to find a new family that loves as it deserves.
He is a dog who loves to play with the ball and he likes to go out and stay on the grass. He is always ready to be cuddled, he can never get enough. Unfortunately since 4 years he has suffered from soft convulsions. He can rarely have small shocks to the hind legs, that brings him to stretch them out and not to move. This can take about 5 minutes. Because of this he gets medicine 3 times a day in pils. He likes to get it with the bread. He can stay at home alone and go to do his business outside. He does not like long walks and he does not like being in contact with other dogs, especially males and big ones. But he does well with small female dogs. He has no problems with small children but he does not like to play with them, he prefers to play with kids older than 7/8 years old. He is very sweet and a cuddler dog. 
Kind regardsYlenia Barbera